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      Law of Attraction

Do you know about the law of attraction?... How everything has a vibrational quality and becomes drawn to other expressions of similar energy?... The fact that everything already exists and it's our own state of being that determines what we actually perceive and experience?...

If you are new to these type of understandings, then I highly recommend doing a YouTube search for "Abraham-Hicks". The messages provided by that source are what the famous material "The Secret" is based on.

Perhaps, you are already familiar with the fundamental principle that "like attracts like" and have seen evidence of this in your own life. You may have already started to approach problems in a positive way, and therefore began to see opportunities that would have been invisible otherwise. It's likely that this type of thinking has brought you some positive results but, for some reason, they just don't seem to be consistent. What about those other things that you really want? Why does it seem like certain situations don't enter our life no matter how much we try to "attract" them?

Let's see if we can become more clear about what's actually required to make law of attraction work for us on a consistent basis...

      The Secret behind "The Secret"

Thoughts direct energy. Just having a preference about something sets the creative forces in motion and directs the whole universe to begin reshaping itself.

In order for our desires to manifest and become experiential, we need to make sure that the essential components are present:

  1 -  Clear Definitions
  2 -  Vibrational Alignment
  3 -  Unconditional Allowance

Everything around us is fundamentally neutral - it has no built in meaning. It is how we choose to define things that ultimately affects how we experience them.

“The definitions we hold are like threads in the fabric of our reality”

Over the years, we have picked up other people's definitions and allowed them to influence how we perceive the world around us. Many of these thought patterns are not beneficial and just keep bringing forth unwanted experiences. With the understandings that are presented here, we now have the opportunity to create a significant positive change in our life and start experiencing the world from a new perspective.

The task of changing our definitions in a way that allows us to experience our preferred reality requires diligence and effort. The Wise Words app is a tool that's being developed specifically to assist us with this process.

"Aligning with the energy of our preferred experience without insisting on specific outcomes is what allows the most relevant version of that reality to manifest"

The law of attraction is one of the fundamental laws that governs the universe. It works flawlessly, every time.

On an energetic level, the effects of this law appear instantaneously. On the physical plane, however, there is a time delay before the energy of our thoughts can be seen. This delay is a positive tool which allows us to be clear about our preferred experience before it manifests. It also means that we need to be diligent with our thoughts and keep focusing on what we prefer instead of thinking about things we don't want.

There are many ways that our preferred reality can present itself. If we attach to one specific way, then we limit the scope and actually make it harder for things that we desire to appear. Allowance of the most relevant situation, regardless of its external appearance, is what creates our preferred experience in the fastest and most meaningful way.

These understandings are the keys for unlocking the secret of conscious reality creation and allowing the law of attraction to work in our favour.

      Final thoughts

What do people really want in life anyway? Is it more money? Bigger house? Fancier car? Or is it actually about the way they wish to feel when these things are present?

Ultimately, it's all about the feelings.

If we focus on the feelings of our envisioned experience and allow any situation with similar energy to come through, then the form in which it physically appears doesn't really matter.

Let every action we take bring us naturally into alignment with the reality experience we truly prefer,

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